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Parties carry on, with little stability in sight

One month has officially passed since the beginning of the fall semester. Students have now experienced four weeks of parties hosted by the fraternities, Delta Upsilon and Phi Psi, and new party organizer NuWave. However, many students are of the opinion that the parties these last few weeks have been different than these parties in… Keep Reading

swatties for hillary

On-campus groups set out to engage young voters

The upcoming presidential election has spurred student political involvement and discussion on campus. For many students, this year marks the first time they will vote. Swatties for Hillary is an on-campus group that was founded by Nate Urban ’18 last semester and currently has Emily Uhlmann ’19 as its president.  The group is dedicated to… Keep Reading

Around Campus/News

College Raises Some Staff Wages Because of Federal Law

New provisions to the Fair Labor Standards Act qualify some college staff members for overtime pay. Announced by the U.S. Department of Labor in May, the new provision increases the threshold salary above which one is exempt from receiving overtime pay from $23,660 per year ($455 per week) to $47,476 per year ($913 per week).… Keep Reading


Financial aid decisions often more nuanced than they appear

Many students have experienced a decrease in their financial aid packages after freshman year despite little perceived change in their family’s financial situation. For some students, not receiving an adequate amount of aid meant not returning to Swarthmore this year. Christian Rhodes, a would-be sophomore, was already toeing the line of being able to attend… Keep Reading


$4.3 million gift joins IC groups under one roof

In line with the college’s recent work to boost the visibility and prevalence of diversity and inclusion work on campus, a gift from two alumni will be used to renovate and expand the Intercultural Center in the near future. Announced by President Valerie Smith at an event in Parrish Hall, the new center will house… Keep Reading


Students Struggle to Secure On-Campus Employment

When Vincent Vagnozzi, a supervisor at the college post office, sent out an email to the student body saying that the office was seeking student workers for several open positions, he was shocked to receive over fifty responses for the two positions in under an hour. As the fall semester gets underway, students and administration… Keep Reading

Around Campus/News

Administration Continues to Increase Access, but aims are limited.

As the number of students  with disabilities grows, the college’s Student Disability Service is continuing its efforts to reduce the barriers students with disabilities face, such as inaccessible buildings and unaccommodating academic standards.  For students with disabilities, these barriers continue to make it difficult to fully participate in life at Swarthmore. The administration has been… Keep Reading

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Around Campus/News/Regional News

OneCard increases business for ville vendors

For students, the new OneCard system has meant new IDs and more trips to the Ville for the pleasures of off-campus dining. But there’s another side to the story: merchants in the Ville have been affected by the new system just as students have. Business owners are excited about future possibilities of using the OneCard.… Keep Reading

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