RAs Hold Rally as Negotiations Continue

On Friday, April 5, the shaded steps of Parrish Hall became a podium for speakers during a Resident Assistant (RA) union rally. The Swarthmore Workers Union, the result of a historic organizing campaign among RAs at the college last semester, rallied to

Solar Eclipse Gathers Hundreds at Swarthmore

On Monday, April 8, over 100 Swarthmore students, faculty, and community members gathered to watch a partial solar eclipse. Although Swarthmore was not in the path of totality for a full solar eclipse, the moon covered 88.8% of the sun, which viewers


A Conversation with Professor Varun Khanna

Professor Varun Khanna is a visiting assistant professor in the classics and asian studies departments at Swarthmore College. He joined Swarthmore in 2018. He specializes in spoken Sanskrit and Pāṇinian Sanskrit grammar. Courses that he teaches at Swarthmore include Introduction to Sanskrit,

College Continues “Swarthmore Forward” Strategic Plan

This February, Swarthmore President Val Smith shared the “Swarthmore Forward” strategic plan with the campus community. The plan represents the product of a college-wide eighteen-month planning process and “underscores our steadfast belief in educating the whole student,” according to the plan’s website.