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Lijia Liu

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Tradition and modernity at the A.A.P.I. Music Festival

On a regular day, the high ceiling, elegant arches, and Gothic windows of Upper Tarble evoke images of western history and civilization. On Saturday however, Upper Tarble became a space for the Asian and Pacific Islander Music Festival. The music and dance performances took the audience on a journey through the traditional and modern aspects… Keep Reading



You died a day before the ceasefire. Another tally they forget but we remember.   You were born on national day: an honor they don’t deserve. They cheer in the city square, Their planes fly past like vultures, their fireworks explode like grenades. They put your name last on a stone slab in the middle… Keep Reading


Crime and Intrigue: a Review of Forensic Files

I grew up around Nancy Drew, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and Sherlock Holmes. No, I have never met any of them, but I read about plenty of their adventures. I spent hours in the library picking out mystery novels, fascinated by the fictional detectives’ astute reasoning and resolute pursuit of justice. My interest in true… Keep Reading


Fashion Forays

My friend and I published our first fashion catalogue when we were eight years old. With some old stubby pencils, we scrawled dresses, shirts, and heels on crinkled printer paper. After stapling the sheets together, we proudly wrote our names on the first page, just as Christian Dior or Coco Chanel would sign off on… Keep Reading


David Corcoran: A Life in Journalism

Last Friday, nearly 60 people huddled in the Lang Performing Arts Center Cinema. Some were there to hide from Winter Storm Riley and the accompanying blackout afflicting other parts of campus. Others were there for the free dinner and complimentary copy of “The New York Times Book of Science.” Everyone, however, was eagerly awaiting a… Keep Reading


A Taste of Home on Lunar New Year

My parents and I never ran out of plates to use⸺ unless it was Lunar New Year. On that special occasion, we cooked up a storm. We adorned our dining table with dumplings, vegetable stir fry, braised pork, spiced beef, and many more dishes, all displayed on the table using every single plate in our… Keep Reading


Making Black Magic

For the past two weeks, the Frear Ensemble Theater has undergone curious transformations. The seemingly ordinary black box theater became a vehicle hurtling through time and space, transporting audiences to sugar cane fields, cotton fields, and communes; to mystical destinations of unreality; and finally, to the furthest corners of being. The transcendental journey consists of… Keep Reading

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