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Open Letter/Opinions

Statement on kneeling during anthem

Dear Friends, This past week, President Trump released several tweets chastising athletes who have not stood during the national anthem as well as those who have declined White House invitations. His blanket critique speaks to a reckless pattern of racist sentiment that now endangers the very diversity that America is built upon. Our country’s history… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Reluctantly Popping the Swat Bubble

When referencing the Swat bubble, you’ll generally hear a mix of groans, scoffs, sighs, muted screams, and nails on chalkboards. Often seen as inhibiting, the Swat bubble stands for the sense that Swarthmore is, in many ways, a bubble. This wild, imaginative, ultra-liberal echo-chamber that we find ourselves in quite obviously differs greatly from the… Keep Reading


Poetry Contest Winning Entry!

The First Bi-Weekly Phoenix Poetry Contest Has A winner! Enjoy the odic musings of Reuben Gelley Newman ‘21   On the Morning of the Lunar Eclipse your mother hears thrashing and when she wakes up looks downstairs, outside: a rabbit whose feet were snapped in rat traps clattering across grey concrete. Before you call Animal… Keep Reading


A nerd goes to Washington

The rain pounded us and we slipped in the mud.  When I held up the protest sign, the cold water poured down my sleeve and ran all the way down to my socks.  I nibbled on a soggy sandwich and asked myself why the heck I was standing here.  Why did I spend the last… Keep Reading


Saying Goodbye

The summer I was eleven I got a hand-me-down dress from my cousin. The dress was perfect. It was pale green with little orange flowers and it fit exactly right. It wasn’t frilly. It was simple and wonderful. Wearing it made me feel quietly special, like Mary Lennox and Anne Shirley and Laura Ingalls all… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

You’ve Been Saving Water and You Didn’t Even Know It

Throughout this school year, you probably saved around 1,122 gallons of water. And chances are you, you didn’t even realize it. This past summer, I worked on behalf of the Office of Sustainability and the engineering department to research ways that resources, particularly water, could be conserved on campus. After preliminary investigations into water uses… Keep Reading

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