Orientation Play: Going Out on a Meme

At the end of orientation week, students are forewarned of the dangers of making assumptions about other people, encouraged to actually fill out their roommate contracts, reminded of the PubSafe emergency number, and serenaded with songs about consent and safe sex. This

How I Became an Underground Crocs Dealer

This story needs no introduction. This story is one that plays a central role in my reputation on this campus, and precedes me in ways that I never considered could be possible before. This story is one of Homerian status, one of

The Future of Swarthmore Memes for Quaker Teens

Swarthmore Memes for Quaker Teens is undoubtedly the epicenter of meme culture at Swarthmore. Like savanna animals flocking to a fertile watering hole, students converge on the group en masse to share and view memes. Yet in this place of unity, there

Swat Ed: Second Base

Swat Ed is the Phoenix’s biweekly sex education Q & A. We accept all questions and they are kept completely anonymous. If you’re looking for medical advice or a diagnosis for that weird thing on your genitals, get in touch with a

The Genealogy of Memeology

Throughout mankind’s short history one question has permeated, evolved, and perplexed all kinds of human and non-human thought: memes? (acceptable pronunciations: mēm, may-may, mem, mīme, mr. mīme, mem-buh, and/or saw-wee ay own-lee hah-viv ah cahn-t oh-pen-err) But, how does one describe meme?