The history and evolution of Town Center West

With the development of the Swarthmore Inn now in full swing, and the construction of the roundabout still a controversial stir among townspeople, the Phoenix has found the original plans for the Inn site and tracked its development to its final design.

College’s ambitious construction plans underway

This summer marked the beginning of a number of construction projects on and around campus. These plans include improvements and extensions to Willets Hall, the softball field, and the Dana and Hallowell dorms. Additionally, three entirely new buildings are being built: the

Letter to the Editor: Town Center West Project

The article on the Town Center West (the inn) Project presented a decidedly one-sided picture of the issue. (“Inn Project Begins, Debate Continues”, The Phoenix, October 6, 2011.) In choosing to focus almost exclusively on comments by those who are opposed to


Inn project begins, debate continues

After more than a decade of intangible progress, a physical advance has finally been made on the Town Center West project. Construction on the project, more widely known as the Swarthmore Inn, began this summer with the rerouting of utility lines in