Students Look Towards the Summer for Research Opportunities

As COVID-19 cases continue to drop and vaccination rates continue to rise across the country, many Swarthmore students look forward to what experiences the summer will bring. For some students, their plans this summer revolve around on- and off- campus research through

A call to increase summer housing and funding for students

Each year, many students receive summer funding from the Lang Center and many more request summer housing to conduct an internship or community service project near campus. They do so to pursue on-campus jobs or research, or to take advantage of opportunities

Lang Center grants drop from 100 percent to 38.9 percent

Students were awarded summer funding from various campus institutions, including the Lang Center, earlier this month. More students than expected were put on the waitlist, which is expected to be resolved by March 24. The deadline for the summer funding applications for

Finding love and grant money for Occhiolini’s “Phil”

Editor’s Note: This article was changed to remedy a mistake in the name of the childhood friend and love interest of the main character, which changed the implied gender of the character, erasing the fact that the protagonist of the work is


Hughes turns new leaf, in verse

Margaret Hughes ’17, recipient of the English department’s $2,500 Morrell-Potter grant, abandoned her proposed plan almost immediately. “I sort of set my goal to be writing poetry that reads like smut and smut that reads like poetry,” Hughes says. She laughs, leaning


Career Services debuts program for entrepreneurs

At the beginning of the month, Career Services opened the application for the Swarthmore Future Entrepreneurship Program. Students were informed and encouraged to apply via the Career Services website. The program includes several internships that are local to Philadelphia. The participating companies


Summer funding options are diverse, disorienting

The Lang Center has recently opened up application for the last funding opportunity for the summer, its summer internship support program. The college offers many different funding opportunities, ranging from money for self-designed projects to funding for unpaid internships. Despite the abundance