Ahoy to the Really Cool Space Pirates Poster

Avast ye who have not watched this epic, space-faring tale yet, this section is for ye landlubbers, I mean, hearties!  Hardy-har-har to all eyes who cast their gaze upon this article! Fresh out of pirate puns after that last sentence, I’d like

Artist of the Week Fouad Dakwar on The Political Nature of Art

“I have this notebook from fourth grade, my songwriting notebook,” Fouad Dakwar ’22 recalls. “I didn’t know how to notate [songs] or anything, it’s just lyrics, but ever since then I’ve been making melodies.” Fouad Dakwar, a music and theatre honors special

Sculpting Style: Stephanie Carrera ’15

Recently, I sat down with Stephanie Carrera ’15 to talk about her artwork.  An honors biology major with an honors minor in studio art, Stephanie recalled that she has always been a creative person, but also says that Swarthmore has allowed her