Artist of the Week Elliot Kenaston on (De)construction

When Elliot Kenaston ’22 faced the prospect of spending his academic year confined indoors due to COVID, he opted to take a gap year instead to hone in on a new, tangible skill: woodworking. Elliot, who grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, clearly

Artist of the Week Elizabeth Labows ’22 on Balance

When Elizabeth Labows ’22 first showed me her senior studio on the third floor of Beardsley earlier this semester, I was delighted by the large ceramic vessels and sculptural pieces lining the room. It’s easy to picture her spending countless hours drafting

Artist of the Week Jacob Weitzner ’22 on Function and Form

You’ve probably seen Jacob Weitzner ’22 around campus sporting his handmade shoes and pandemic-era shoulder-length hair. Jacob has that indescribable quality that tells you upon first glance that he has a deep connection with nature. It’ll come as no surprise, then, that

Public Art at Swarthmore

On the first Sunday of September, on a day when not even the sun wanted to shine, we (Hannah Stern Pait ’23 and Jacob Weitzner ’22) set out on what became a life-changing journey through campus. After a quick stop at Hobbs,

Art in the Era of Climate Catastrophe

The winter has been eerily mild. While the January temperatures reaching into the sixties have been a welcome break from heavy jackets and scarves, the pleasant days are a bittersweet indication of climate change. During the lukewarm limbo of winter break, I

Swat alumna displays sculpture in Philly

Stepping through a clustered archway of magnetic cyanotype blue butterflies, one comes face to face with one of the iconic ram skulls central to Tasha Lewis ’12’s art installation, a thought-provoking project that uses faux-taxidermy to reimagine the relationship between humans and