A Review: Quenching a “Thirst” for Vampire Films

Sorry, “Twilight” fans, “Thirst” (2009) is the best modern-day vampire film. Having come out only a year after the kickstarter to the fan-favorite franchise, Park Chan Wook’s psychological thriller demonstrates what a true paragon of vampire film looks like, delivering a bizarre

“Severance” Confronts Our Selves

Against the void of the black screen, a muffled voice asks: “Who are you?” This is the opening line and driving question of Apple TV+’s new series “Severance.” In a sea of high-concept science fiction series on the market right now, “Severance”

Editorial: Semester in Review 

This semester, we have been exceedingly fortunate to serve the Swarthmore community with enriching and thoughtful pieces. Putting a newspaper together late into the night is by no means an easy feat and could only be possible with our amazing team of

Finally, Representation that Lesbians Can Be Extremely Toxic

A simple stage setup in Upper Tarble did not stop the cast and crew of “Gay Heathers” from putting on a stellar and outstanding show. Complete with passionate performances, colorful costumes, and representation of lesbians being extremely toxic, “Gay Heathers” was incredibly

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