Leaving it All to Nostalgia: iCarly Reboot Not a Total Flop

Three things I never thought I would live to see on “iCarly,” the beloved Nickelodeon sitcom that originally aired from 2007–2012: a lesbian kiss, an openly pansexual main character who pursues love interests of all genders, and a plotline about sex work.

Ahoy to the Really Cool Space Pirates Poster

Avast ye who have not watched this epic, space-faring tale yet, this section is for ye landlubbers, I mean, hearties!  Hardy-har-har to all eyes who cast their gaze upon this article! Fresh out of pirate puns after that last sentence, I’d like

Locke and Key Falls Short of Its Goal

Hello again friends and welcome back! This week, I’m reviewing “Locke and Key,” a supernatural horror series streaming on Netflix. Season one of “Locke and Key” was released on Feb. 7, 2021, and season 2 will come out Saturday, Oct. 22.  “Locke


Red Light, Green Light: On Watching Squid Game

“Please tell me you’re not writing a review on ‘Squid Game.’” So said my colleague at The Phoenix when I mentioned I’d recently watched the hugely popular TV show. “There have already been so many reviews,” he continued. And he’s right; the

Dani’s Thoughts: “WandaVision” Lives up to the Hype

Hello, my Phoenix-reading friends! Welcome to the first edition of “Dani’s Thoughts on TV Shows and Movies.” Every two weeks, I’ll be reviewing a show or movie that I have thoughts on (which means I could review “Avatar: The Last Airbender” next


“Donda” Review

After much delay, Kanye West finally released his tenth solo studio album, Donda, on Sunday, August 29 at 8 a.m. It is worth noting the timing of Kanye’s release. First, let’s clarify how album sales are recorded.  Billboard, an American music and

“Stories of our Lives” or the Queer Kenyan Experience

In “Stories of our Lives,” the Nest Collective — an art collective based in Kenya — takes on an inspiring approach in narrating the experiences of the LGBTQ community in Kenya. What initially started as an oral project led to the production

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