Sequestration: Proponents, Opponents, And What It Is

Tomorrow, March 1st, is not only the deadline for the dreaded Sophomore Plan, but also the deadline for Congress to act, if it so desires, to avoid a trillion-dollar slate of automatic spending cuts. The “sequestration,” as it is called, was set

Spinning the Debate

Last Wednesday, Mitt Romney cantered into Swarthmore College, albeit virtually on CNN. The Swarthmore Democrats, Swarthmore Conservatives, Students for Obama, and other clubs convened for reactions that were certainly rowdier than those at the silent auditorium at the University of Colorado. Besides

Rendering Swarthmore Politics

One of Swarthmore’s legendary Political Science professors, discussing campus politics last year, reminded me, “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” In other words, when you’re a citizen in this state called Swarthmore,


Election Time Spurs Action on Campus

With the United States’ presidential election quickly approaching, politics is a prominent topic of debate around campus. And because Swarthmore College found a way around Pennsylvania’s voter identification registration law, the election is increasingly personal to Swarthmore students. The law, implemented this

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