A Critique of Eminent Domain

The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects citizens from improper seizure of their property. It states, “…nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” The stipulation that private property can be taken from citizens if it

Trends from Global Re-Elections: The People Are Restless

Since June of this year, only one prime minister and no presidents have been freely reelected. In eleven other free and fair elections, incumbents and their parties have lost reelection, failing to present their case to voters. In fact, in 2023 as


Bad Blood: Argentinian Swifties vs the Far Right

Wherever Taylor Swift lands, the ground shakes — quite literally. Her concert caused a 2.3 magnitude earthquake in Seattle. Swifties waited for years for the singer to set foot in South America. Finally, in early 2023, Swift announced her Eras Tour stops

2023 General Election Recap

Pennsylvania: On Tuesday, Nov. 7, voters across the United States went to the polls and made their voices heard in the 2023 general election. In Pennsylvania and other select states, influential gubernatorial, legislative, and judicial seats were selected through Tuesday’s elections. In

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