Editorial: Bring Back the Olde (and Better!) Party Spaces

It seems that the campus late-night scene is gradually recovering from its pandemic-induced hibernation as more and more people host parties as the semester goes on. With AREs resuming, the mask mandate reduced, and the in-person attendance cap discontinued, most of the

Swarthmore Parties Are Not That Bad

Most Saturday nights, I shamelessly dance my heart out in front of droves of people. The bright lights of Olde Club flash to the beat while I dance slightly offbeat, not particularly caring, or maybe it’s the darkness of Paces, barely able

On Anonymous Hate and Reductive Discourse

Last week, many Swarthmore students received emails asking them to join the anonymous app, Looped. The emails specifically referenced discourse about the party scene at Swarthmore. At the same time, many anonymous posts were submitted to the comments section of one of


Party Scene Continues to Evolve

When students arrived on campus this Fall, the status of Swarthmore’s open party scene remained in limbo after the disbanding of fraternities on campus last spring. Now, halfway through Fall 2019, students seeking public parties can find them at Olde Club or


Future of Party Scene Remains Uncertain

The weekend after the first week of classes has traditionally been a time when one of the fraternities hosts a “disorientation” party. These parties have had a history of dangerous alcohol use, with a track record of hospitalizations that, similarly to Halloween

The Frats Are Gone. What Happens to the Party Scene?

TW: sexual assault, sexual violence Last weekend was the first Saturday after dry week, the date that used to feature the infamous Disorientation party at one of the campus’s two now-disbanded fraternities. For many current and former Swarthmore students, DisO was their

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