Remaking American Democracy

Is the way that we currently elect representatives just? In this piece, I will argue that it is not, and advance certain solutions. Currently, we live in a representative democracy, where we come together to vote on particular candidates every couple of

Schultz Candidacy Might Prevent a Trump Defeat

Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, recently announced in a 60 Minutes interview that he is “seriously considering” running for president as an independent in 2020. While we should hope that the field of candidates running against Donald Trump is large,

On Birthright

Controversy regarding Birthright, a free trip to Israel for Jewish individuals aged 18-26, has become very public in recent years. This past summer, a number of individuals associated with IfNotNow, a left-wing Jewish organization that protests the Israeli military occupation of the

The Shutdown Discourages Public Service

Though the longest government shutdown in history has finally ended, permanent damage has been done to our government and democracy. The costs of the shutdown are staggering: national parks lacked supervision, and visitors did potentially irreparable damage to fragile ecosystems. Some scientific

Stop Laughing at Depression

Content Warning: Depression and mental health, Eating Disorders Depression can often be a slippery slope. One negative thought leads to another, which leads to another and another until you feel like you’re suffocating under the weight of all the disappointments you have

On the Palestinian Question

The question with which Israel consistently grapples is: what should we do with the land between the river and the sea? I claim the state’s actions with regards to this question are perpetuating the principles of apartheid. Karl Marx’s piece “On the

Why Should You Consider Early Morning Classes

Have you found that if one course has two sections with the same professor, the earlier section has fewer people? Such a phenomenon is widespread around Swarthmore, and sometimes changing the section can help you get your favorite course instead of being

Fear of the Future

The future. A word that can bring about vast amounts of excitement, or create crippling waves of fear and discomfort for many individuals. Since we, unfortunately, do not have accurate methods for predicting what the future will bring, the emotions we tie

Radical Reimagination

Following the brave coordinated action of the Sunrise Movement at Minority Leader Pelosi’s office to push for a Green New Deal on November 13, I have been inspired to write. Those of us currently without the guts to be activists need to

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