The Next Four Years

Over the last few weeks, pundits and politicians have taken to the airwaves to offer hundreds of explanations for the Republican losses on November 6th. Some insist it was the Hispanic vote, others say it was the Republican turnout operation, the messaging,


Election Collection

This past Friday evening, Science Center 199 was almost full. Around 80 Swarthmore alumni, professors, students and some residents from the local community gathered to hear a talk on the just-passed presidential election. Five panelists specializing in three different fields were invited

American Imperialism

I am rarely utterly without hope when it comes to the American government. There has hardly ever been a time when I couldn’t find a sensible position being espoused by a major candidate for office. While no candidate is ever perfect, somewhere

Spinning the Debate

Last Wednesday, Mitt Romney cantered into Swarthmore College, albeit virtually on CNN. The Swarthmore Democrats, Swarthmore Conservatives, Students for Obama, and other clubs convened for reactions that were certainly rowdier than those at the silent auditorium at the University of Colorado. Besides

Romney to Visit Swarthmore for Rally

In a surprise announcement that bewildered students, faculty and members of the college administration, the Romney-Ryan campaign has declared a public rally at Parrish Hall this Saturday. “There is no conservative like a Swarthmore conservative,” Romney said at a press conference. “These

Where’s the Policy? Candidates Leave Us Guessing

President Obama and Governor Romney each seek to cast 2012 as the most important election year in modern memory — Obama by claiming that the middle class will suffer under his opponent and Romney by forecasting a fiscal crisis in a second

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