Let’s Give McCabe a Shot!

The aim of this article is to convince all of you to reconsider your stance on one of the campus’ most indubitable beliefs: that McCabe library sucks. I know. This is a scalding hot take. In fact, when I told my fellow

Lost, Found and Lost Again

After “temporarily misplacing” my AirPods for what’s conservatively the tenth time this semester, I paid a visit last week to the McCabe lost & found. While I unfortunately didn’t find my missing earphone pieces there, the lost & found was quite full

The McCabe experience

Often referred to as “The Cage,” McCabe library inspires a wide range of feelings among the student body, many of which are far from positive. As someone who spends a large portion of my time in McCabe, I can easily see why

McCabe renovations in its initial planning stages

Last semester, the Library Committee began preparing for a series of changes to the college libraries. Headed by College Librarian Peggy Seiden, the committee took on a more ambitious role than in years past, inviting representatives from the dean’s office, Information Technology

Tom Uttech at Swarthmore College

For the next month and a half, Swarthmore College will be taken over by the nature-loving imagination of Tom Uttech, who is exhibiting concurrently in the List Gallery and in the atrium of McCabe Library.  The former show is titled “Adisokewini” and