New Online Housing Portal Opens Doors for Swarthmore Students

Last semester, Swarthmore introduced a new online housing portal to simplify the Spring housing lottery, during which students choose housing for the upcoming academic year. The new portal facilitates the processes of blocking, selecting a room through the Spring housing lottery, and

College Archives Unveil ML’s Storied History

Located a fifteen-minute walk away from campus, Mary Lyon dormitory does not even appear on the campus map. It’s located in a residential neighborhood, and many Swarthmore students who have not lived in Mary Lyon have no idea where it’s situated. To

Why You Should Go to ML Breakfast

I wondered about the food at Swarthmore after I was accepted. I asked some upperclassmen about their impressions of campus food, and I searched comments and complaints about campus food online. It seemed that quite a lot of people didn’t like the

Corner of the Campus Map

About a month after all my other friends from different colleges got their room assignments, I finally got mine (through Cygnet, of course). I didn’t know what any of the Swarthmore dorms were called, so when I saw “Mary Lyons” under my

ML deserves love

Two months ago, I opened mySwarthmore portal for first-year students. As an incoming first-year student, I was anxious about everything: I wasn’t sure how well I performed on my placement tests, I couldn’t figure out which classes I wanted to take, and