Kitao x IC Spring Art house

The InterCenter Interns and Kitao Art gallery co-hosted the Spring Art house last Friday, April 12, from 7-9 p.m. in the Kitao art gallery. The theme of the exhibition was (In)visibility. Arts exhibited include drawing, painting, photography, digital art, and mixed media.


First Year Artists Light Up Kitao Gallery

Friday, September 17, 8 p.m. The relief of the weekend arriving was palpable in the air. Soft peals of laughter and low conversation could be heard all across campus as students finally relaxed, untensed their shoulders, and fell into the comfort of

Kitao’s “Lost-n-Found” Reclaims Abandoned Art

This past Friday, April 26, Kitao had yet another gallery exhibition to finish off a strong semester of student work. The captionless showcase was curated on the very basis of this anonymity. “Lost-n-Found,” a collection of works that have been left behind

A SSUCC-y Valentine’s Day

This past Friday, Kitao hosted Swarthmore Stand Up Comedy Club for the event A SSUCC-y Valentine’s Day.This event was a SSUCC showcase, of which all of the performers at showcase are current members of SSUCC and attend weekly workshops. Kitao’s comfortable interior

El Homenaje celebrates Latinx culture, heritage in Kitao

El Homenaje (The Tribute) lived up to its name as a celebration of Latinx culture and heritage. Held on Friday, Oct. 28th in the Kitao Art Gallery, the event featured performances and artwork by Latinx students and alumni. A collaboration between the

Kitao organizes morning of student-driven artwork

To kick off the school’s first Kitao Fall Arts Festival, Saturday morning and afternoon were dedicated to festivities, including a printmaking session, a tea ceremony workshop, a collage and poetry workshop, and more. The workshops emphasized the artistic beauty in the everyday

OASiS open mic brings slam poetry to Swatties

A small but hearty crowd of students gathered at Kitao last Saturday to listen to poems and the occasional rap and song. The open mic was hosted by Swarthmore’s Organization for Low Income Students and Our Art Spoken in Soul — Swarthmore’s

Kitao proposes “Campus Arts Initiative”

Last Thursday, the co-directors of Kitao Gallery, Tara Giangrande ’16 and Deborah Krieger ’16, sent out a campus wide notice of Kitao’s proposal for a Community Development Grant for the 2016-2017 academic year. The proposal, titled “Kitao Campus Arts Initiative” outlines an