A Performance Artist Sees His Work on Display

Two weekends ago, the Kitao student gallery hosted an in-person gallery event with art and boba for the Swarthmore campus community. Students lined up for the chance to go through the studio and look at the paintings, installations, and photos. The theme


Staff Art Steals the Show

As I made my way down to Kitao Gallery last Thursday, even from a distance I could hear music performances and lively conversation. The Staff Art Showcase was presented by Learning 4 Life, a mutual learning program seeking to create mutual respect

Kitao’s “Lost-n-Found” Reclaims Abandoned Art

This past Friday, April 26, Kitao had yet another gallery exhibition to finish off a strong semester of student work. The captionless showcase was curated on the very basis of this anonymity. “Lost-n-Found,” a collection of works that have been left behind

A SSUCC-y Valentine’s Day

This past Friday, Kitao hosted Swarthmore Stand Up Comedy Club for the event A SSUCC-y Valentine’s Day.This event was a SSUCC showcase, of which all of the performers at showcase are current members of SSUCC and attend weekly workshops. Kitao’s comfortable interior

OASiS open mic brings slam poetry to Swatties

A small but hearty crowd of students gathered at Kitao last Saturday to listen to poems and the occasional rap and song. The open mic was hosted by Swarthmore’s Organization for Low Income Students and Our Art Spoken in Soul — Swarthmore’s

Kitao painting invites campus to experience art

When you think about “Kitao Gallery”, what comes up to your mind? To some people on campus, “Kitao” is hipster and mysterious. To some others, they don’t even know where it locates. However, last Friday night, across the dullsville of fraternities and