Tea Time: Jittery About Jobs

Regardless of class year, Swatties often encounter a dreaded word through our conversations with friends, professors, mentors, parents, or sentient pets — employment. The world after college is full of terrors, and job-searching is probably one of the biggest besides learning to

Tess Wei interns at Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation

Located in the heart of Philadelphia’s museum district on Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Barnes Foundation is a unique collection featuring over 2500 objects that span different mediums and cultures. While there appears to be a focus on Impressionist and Modernist paintings, galleries


Summer funding options are diverse, disorienting

The Lang Center has recently opened up application for the last funding opportunity for the summer, its summer internship support program. The college offers many different funding opportunities, ranging from money for self-designed projects to funding for unpaid internships. Despite the abundance

What does Career Services do? No really, what?

I stumbled upon Career Peer Advisor (CPA) Stephanie Wang ’17 off-work, doing her homework in Trotter. I needed help on a Cover Letter (CL) I had written for various newspapers, online publications, superegos, Twitter followers, Facebook friends. Like any of Swat’s generous