Reflections on the New Dining Hall

“Let’s meet at Narples?” is a relatively recent common question on campus. Swarthmore’s newest facility, officially named the Dining Center, has been open for almost three weeks now. This facility replaces the former dining hall, Sharples, an establishment which was a staple

New Sharples to Feature Open Spaces, Broadened Food Options

The new Dining and Community Commons project, which will be tentatively completed around Fall 2023, is set to expand dining options and offer new student lounge spaces. The design has won praise for its natural lighting and open spaces. This new structure

On eating alone

Once or twice a week, I walk into Sharples for dinner with a weird feeling in my stomach. I walk down the stairs, look around, and my suspicions are confirmed: I’m eating alone tonight. I swear under my breath, wonder how I’ve


SLAP Lobbys for Employee Rights

The Swarthmore Labor Action Project (SLAP) has hosted a myriad of events on campus during the past two semesters, with the ultimate aim of working establishing justice and dignity in the workplace.  According to the college’s website, SLAP has been working for