In memoriam: where has all the Crunk gone?

As many nostalgic seniors reminisce about the good ol’ days when Pub Nite was a necessity and the DJ fund was limitless, one tradition that seems to fade into the background is possibly the craziest tradition of them all. A tradition that

A call to arms from last year’s Crunkfest champions

You’ve heard. Crunkfest is canceled this year. Adios vomlette, adieu naked macarena marathon, auf wiedersehen triathlon. Citing recent concerns regarding student safety and well being, the administration of Swarthmore has shifted student life in a new direction that does not include Crunkfest.


Citing safety concerns, deans nix long-running Crunkfest

Although Worth Courtyard houses several events throughout the relatively warm months — ranging from informal barbecues and football catches to the college’s Worthstock event — perhaps no Worth Courtyard tradition has been more controversial than Crunkfest. The public, one-day (and night), team-oriented,


New Theatre Company Explores Intimacy

Since the final weeks of last semester, posters for the American Masturbatory Theater Company have been posted across the Swarthmore campus. A cursory glance at the flyers has left many students perplexed about the nature of the club, which, as Sam Swift