The freshman feels: academic rigor

We are almost there, Swatties. Only three more weeks before the end of finals, before the first years reflect on how the year has flown by and the sophomores celebrate becoming real upperclassmen. Only three more weeks before the juniors grow into

Hating Swarthmore, and loving it

I’m from Philadelphia. As a rule, Philadelphians hate Philadelphia. We hate that SEPTA buses always smell faintly of piss and hopelessness. We hate that our public schools are approaching Dickensian levels of dysfunction. We hate that our most iconic tourist attractions are

An exercise in entropy

It’s an oft-stated and well-treaded fact that systems tend toward disorder. This tendency is called entropy, and to say that systems tend towards disorder is to say that the available energy in a system (energy that is available for work) decreases. Another

Swarthmore as a college

It is important for me to preface this piece by saying that I admire, appreciate, and agree with much of what Sarah Dobbs had to say in her recent Op-Ed titled “Swarthmore as a nation-state.” I believe that doing the work of

That one college love: A reflection

Most of us have had that one college love. For some, it was unrequited. For others, passionate. It may have blossomed into a relationship, perhaps even a partnership; it may have been a fling. A few will move to new and exciting

Should everyone attend college? Probably not

For many years, my grandfather told me: “You just need that degree,” as if going to college was some requirement for adulthood. Having grown up in a coal-mining town in western Pennsylvania, my grandfather regrets that he was never able to afford