Career services gets mixed reviews

During the 2016-2017 school year, Swarthmore Career Services held over one thousand counseling appointments and engaged 64 percent of the student body, according to its annual report. Career Services works by providing students with ways to seek out job or internship opportunities,


Career Services debuts program for entrepreneurs

At the beginning of the month, Career Services opened the application for the Swarthmore Future Entrepreneurship Program. Students were informed and encouraged to apply via the Career Services website. The program includes several internships that are local to Philadelphia. The participating companies

What does Career Services do? No really, what?

I stumbled upon Career Peer Advisor (CPA) Stephanie Wang ’17 off-work, doing her homework in Trotter. I needed help on a Cover Letter (CL) I had written for various newspapers, online publications, superegos, Twitter followers, Facebook friends. Like any of Swat’s generous