The Next Four Years

Over the last few weeks, pundits and politicians have taken to the airwaves to offer hundreds of explanations for the Republican losses on November 6th. Some insist it was the Hispanic vote, others say it was the Republican turnout operation, the messaging,


Election Collection

This past Friday evening, Science Center 199 was almost full. Around 80 Swarthmore alumni, professors, students and some residents from the local community gathered to hear a talk on the just-passed presidential election. Five panelists specializing in three different fields were invited

“Standing Behind the Merits of Math”

The night after Election Day, Jon Stewart proudly boasted he had the winner of the 2012 election that night. His guest was Nate Silver, the man who had done the not-so-unthinkable: correctly predicting the presidential election and all but one congressional election

Back to Conservative Basics

To argue that November 6 was anything but a major setback for young conservatives would be sophistry. It took some very strong coffee and a full boycott of the Drudge Report to pull myself out of bed last Wednesday. The past four

Post-Election, America Confronted With The Unknown

As media analysts from Karl Rove to James Fallows predicted, the outcome of Tuesday’s election has already had a profound impact on the American economy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported one of the sharpest spikes in unemployment in history, with

Tuesday Night a Victory for Individual Liberty

No matter what the Republican talking heads are saying, Tuesday was an excellent night for liberty. In three states same-sex marriage was recognized, and in two recreational marijuana was legalized. Minnesota defeated a voter ID law, and pro-life extremists Todd Akin and

Recommendations for the Reelected Administration

The 2012 election is over, and President Obama is the decisive victor after winning most of the battleground states by narrow but clear margins. After a lengthy reelection battle, voters have given the President the go-ahead to continue leading the country for


Swatties Vote to Have an Impact (Mostly)

As the election quickly approaches, much of Swarthmore’s student body will have the opportunity to vote for the first time. With several voting options — such as absentee ballots, voting in Pennsylvania and not voting at all — students are taking various

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