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Artist of the Week: Grace Dumdaw on Her Many Expressions of Art


The arts section is delighted to introduce a new column, “Artist of the Week,” which will cover a new student every week for their work in visual art, music, theater, dance, writing, or any range of creative endeavors. Contact us if you would like to be featured or to nominate a friend.  Whether you know her as a singer in the a cappella group Offbeat, an actor in campus productions, or a photographer with a growing portfolio, you’re sure to know her as an artist through and through. Styling neon sunglasses, layered gold rings, and a bright smile, Grace Dumdaw

Reconciling Ethics and Fantasy Football


[Content warning: sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual harassment] A few weeks ago, at 7:28 p.m., I sat at my dining room table, a stack of papers to my right and a Pabst Blue Ribbon to my left. My computer was open to the Yahoo Sports Fantasy Portal, a faded blue “join now” button superimposed over a high resolution photo of a football stadium. It was draft day — fantasy draft, that is. I had printed out a list of the projected top 200 players for the season — name, team, position, bye week, strength of schedule. Green highlighter dots marked

Field Hockey’s Youth Primed for a Breakout Season


Swarthmore Field Hockey looks to capitalize this season on the youth of their team and the return of key impact players. The team welcomed seven first years to the roster and are excited to build on their new talent.  Last season, Swarthmore Field Hockey scored 26 goals, six of which were netted by forward Marion Carr ’22. Out of the top five point earners in the 2018 season, three of the players return to the team, including Carr ’22, Samie Martin ’21 and Samantha Meacock ’22. Carr is excited by the prospects of a young team but emphasizes the importance

Future of Party Scene Remains Uncertain


The weekend after the first week of classes has traditionally been a time when one of the fraternities hosts a “disorientation” party. These parties have had a history of dangerous alcohol use, with a track record of hospitalizations that, similarly to Halloween Party or Worthstock, was cause for alarm, which is why the Task Force on Student Social Events and Community Standards recommended that disorientation be eliminated. Though the frats are no more, there were still open parties on the night of Saturday, the biggest ones being a party hosted by numerous sports teams in Worth and a S.A.S.S. party

Philadelphia Arts Resources


Notes from the Arts section editors: When we were preparing for this issue, especially in anticipation of our new readership from the class of 2023, we discussed the arts experiences at Swarthmore that moved us deeply, and what we can do to (re)introduce this campus and the larger Philadelphia region to first years and upperclassmen. Recruiting the veteran writers in the Arts section cohort, we present to you two compilations: one, “Swarthmore Arts Secrets,” contains Swarthmore artistic locations and events that our writers consider meaningful or underappreciated; the other, “Philadelphia Arts Resources,” includes some of our writers’ favorite museum spaces

Occasionally Yours Is About to Be Yours More Often


I’m at brunch with friends at Occasionally Yours. It’s only been about a week since they’ve opened after renovating the place, but you’d never guess it from how smoothly the kitchen and service is running. Coldplay plays quietly in the background as we wait for our food, and Scott Richardson, the owner, sits down at each mahogany table and introduces himself. He is warm and personable, one of those people who can connect with just about anybody, and it’s clear that he loves Occasionally Yours and everyone who walks through its doors.  “Here’s your first plate!” Scott comes out beaming

Showers, Uniforms, Pronouns: Testimonials of Non-Binary Student-Athletes

On a cold February morning, I walked from my dorm, Dana Hall, to the Field House. I was bundled up in my down-lined canvas overalls and the vintage Carhartt coat that my butch heart holds so dear. Slightly tired, but pumped to practice the weight throw, I had my headphones on and strutted into the fieldhouse from the side door. Because it was about 7:50 a.m., many EVS technicians were finishing their shifts. I said hello to one of the techs I had seen many times before. As I began walking into the side door for the women’s locker room,

Men’s Soccer Hot Through First Games


The Men’s Soccer team has had the best start to the season in years, winning their first 5 games. Captained by seniors Oliver Steinglass and Joseph Bradley, the Garnet are looking to challenge for the Centennial Conference Championship and a bid to the NCAA tournament — a feat the team last accomplished in 2010. The Garnet, with a core of returning players and the addition of new faces, are optimistic and looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead. Led by forwards Joseph Barile ’21, Bless Tumushabe ’23, and Ayo George ’22, the team has a lethal attack. This attack

After Phi Psi Leak, O4S and Coalition to End Frat Violence Take Action


After the publication of 2013 Phi Psi internal documents revealing sexist, homophobic, and racist attitudes, O4S and the newly formed Swarthmore Coalition Against Fraternity Violence determined a course of action that would pressure administration to end the leases of fraternities on campus. Shortly after The Phoenix and Voices published stories on the Phi Psi documents, the Swat Coalition to End Frat Violence posted an Action Network campaign to send letters, asking for the termination of fraternity leases, to Board Chair Schuchman, President Smith and The Committee on Social Life. As of April 24, the campaign has garnered 894 submissions. The

I Was in D.U. — Swarthmore’s Fraternities Must Go


In the Spring of 2013, I wrote an op-ed in the former Daily Gazette defending the continued existence of the Delta Upsilon fraternity based on my experience as a D.U. brother. In the final paragraph, I wrote: “If I believed that [D.U.] or any other organization were a credible threat to [Swarthmore], I would lead the charge for its abolition.” Though the time to lead that charge is long past, given the tireless and largely thankless work of individual students and alumni and groups such as Organizing for Survivors, I am nonetheless joining their call for the abolition of fraternities

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