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Swarthmore Students Join School Strike for Climate


On Friday, September 20, Swarthmore students stood in front of Parrish Hall before heading to march outside Philadelphia City Hall as part of a global youth climate strike calling for a response to climate change. The event at Swarthmore was spearheaded by the Sunrise Movement club, a subsidiary of a national organization and network of hundreds of thousands of young people. Greta Thunberg, the sixteen-year old Swedish climate activist who has taken time off school to call for stronger responses to climate change, inspired the climate strike around the world.          Hundreds of students and dozens of faculty members gathered

Moving on From R.E.C.s, the College’s Plan to Reach Carbon Neutrality


In 1999 the college began purchasing renewable energy certificates, and the college’s 2012 “Climate Action Plan” cited Renewable Energy Credits (R.E.C.s) as a necessary tool to offset those greenhouse gas emissions associated with the generation of electricity that could not be eliminated by reducing consumption. Numerous studies have found that R.E.C. markets do little to drive the reduction of carbon emissions. In response to these concerns, the college intends to implement a new strategy of electrifying systems and decarbonizing electrical sources.  As defined by the EPA, a R.E.C. is the “legal property rights to the ‘renewable-ness’ … of renewable electricity

I Went to Every Free Food Event at Swarthmore College for Two Weeks. Here’s What Happened.


During the first two weeks of this school year I attended every event on campus that was advertised to have food that I possibly could attend. This took an insane amount of time management skills, and oddly enough I did better at keeping up with my work and self care during this journey than after I finally let myself stop attending different campus functions. I have no idea what I was thinking, honestly. Looking at my Google Calendar in front of me I saw almost no white space in between various color-coded events. Despite how terrifying the sheer amount of

Athletes Have an Obligation to be Activists


Throughout history, athletes have demonstrated that they can and should take active roles in the fight for justice. Muhammad Ali personifies the greatness, both in physical ability and in advocacy, that all athletes should strive for. On April 28, 1967, Ali refused to be drafted in the U.S. military and became a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War. Ali argued that his faith prevented him from fighting in an unjust war. He was convicted of draft evasion and sentenced to five years in prison, though he managed to avoid imprisonment and was stripped of his boxing license at the peak

Renato’s Does Not Exist


Renato’s Pizza is the workhorse of the Swarthmore food scene. Sure, you could spend time walking to Swarthmore Pizza or sit around waiting for Uber Eats. But when you’re hungry, or sad, or drunk, or high, or just want to have fun with friends, you know you’re going to go to Renato’s. But you won’t. No, not because you’ll be going to Occasionally Yours. You won’t go to Renato’s — because Renato’s does not exist. At least not in our world. But you have so many memories from Renato’s! Were all of these late-night pizza runs just a figment of

Bad Dad Astra


“Ad Astra” is an ambitious movie, both thematically and visually audacious. It succeeds as a first-rate portrayal of space travel during a minor cinematic boom of “hard” science fiction movies (that is, sci-fi meant to look like it could actually happen). But it fails on an emotional and thematic level, hamstrung by self-seriousness and a constant need to tell the audience about the Big Problems it claims to confront. Set in a “near future” where human space exploration has progressed to the edges of the solar system, “Ad Astra” centers around a decorated astronaut, Roy McBride, played by Brad Pitt.

Women’s Cross Country Poised for Great Season


Swarthmore Women’s Cross Country has started off the season strong, finishing second and fourth at the Bryn Mawr Invitational and Mainline Invite, respectively. The team welcomes seven first-years and fourteen returners to compete in the 2019 season.  Last season, Swarthmore finished third in the Centennial Conference Championships and had a good showing at regionals. With only two seniors graduating in Spring 2019, the team is primed for another great season.  Emma Novak ’21 led the team at the Mainline Invite, finishing twelfth overall and second among DIII runners with a time of 18:10 on the 5k course. Nora Blodgett ’22

Co-Op’s Largest Truckathon Yet Draws Crowd and Criticism


Hundreds of Swarthmore students and ville residents rushed to the CO-OP this Saturday, as more than two dozen food trucks rolled into Dartmouth Avenue for Swarthmore’s fourteenth biannual “Food Truck a Thon.” The often quiet town lit up for four hours as children, college students, and adults gathered to share and enjoy the variety of diverse foods and desserts.          According to the general manager of the CO-OP, Mike Litka, this is exactly what he wanted out of the event: to create an opportunity for people in the town to come together and have fun.   “The event is basically just

Strike for the Climate, Strike for Our Lives

The climate crisis presents the greatest threat to humanity. It has already wrought unprecedented devastation, but the worst is yet to come. We cannot sit by as the world burns and floods. We must demand that our government recognize that the climate is in crisis. We must disrupt our society before climate change disrupts it for good. On Friday, Sept. 20, millions of people around the world will strike and protest to demand action. The Swarthmore community must stand with them. Earlier this year, acclaimed children’s science educator Bill Nye went on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show to demonstrate

New Leadership, Same Direction for the Intercultural Center, Women’s Resource Center


The Intercultural Center at Swarthmore has seen significant transformation in space and personnel over the past year, and while substantial changes in leadership and staff can often create challenges as a program transitions, the new staff members and students alike are determined to hit the ground running this semester. After Nyk Robinson, the former interim assistant IC director and associate director of gender and sexuality initiatives, departed at the end of last year, Imaani El-Burki was hired to be assistant dean and director of the IC. Tiffany Thompson was also came on board as the associate director of gender and

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