The sounds of inauguration

Last weekend, the campus celebrated the inauguration of our 15th president, Valerie Smith. This included a certain amount of pomp and ceremony, met with enthusiastic fanfare. Smith was welcomed by a wide variety of musical acts, many of which were comprised of

Kemmer Cope ’17 brings web series to campus

Kemmer Cope ‘17 is a Swarthmore admissions counselor’s dream, justifying the college’s brochure-advertised proclivity for cultivating a community where the academic seamlessly melts into the social.  Kemmer Cope is a junior at Swarthmore majoring in Film Studies. Currently, she is producing an

Kitao painting invites campus to experience art

When you think about “Kitao Gallery”, what comes up to your mind? To some people on campus, “Kitao” is hipster and mysterious. To some others, they don’t even know where it locates. However, last Friday night, across the dullsville of fraternities and

Patricia Park ’03 returns to read from new book

Last Thursday, Swarthmore alumna Patricia Park ’03 returned to campus for a reading of her debut novel, Re Jane, which was released this past May. Re Jane cleverly recasts the classic novel Jane Eyre in a contemporary setting, telling the story of

A stroll around the Emerald Isle: Tess Wei ’17

Tess Wei ’17 is an aspiring student artist. She can always be seen walking around campus at a calm pace, with no rush or hurry.  It appears that she is constantly in search of things that are beautiful as well as soothing

Dawn Lundy-Martin delivers intimate, electrifying reading

Around thirty people crammed their way into a Kohlberg classroom this past Monday to hear the poetic musings of Dawn Lundy-Martin. Starting at 7PM, the reading’s timing catered more to a post-dinner nap than an exercise in the written word; certainly the

Angela Lorenz spreads to McCabe with book art

Scattering beauty around campus in our first month back is Angela Lorenz, who is making her mark with two distinct exhibits. The first, covered by this paper last week, is a series of mosaics rethinking ancient Roman artwork. The second, refreshing in

Exhibit sheds new light on classic Italian mosaics

As the new academic year begins, there will be countless opportunities to overstress, over think, and spend too much time with your head buried in work. Luckily enough, Swarthmore Libraries’ first art installation of the year fits well into the beginning of

Acclaimed writer returns to campus for reading

As part of a larger series on “Sensuous Thinking and the Artistic Process,” fiction author and Swarthmore alumnus Adam Haslett ’92 treated a small audience to a reading of two of his short works. The event opened with a short introduction by

McCabe exhibit tells French immigrant stories

Immigration has exploded in American political discourse, becoming a part of every candidate’s platform and affecting our relations with the outside world. This debate, obviously, cannot be isolated to the United States but rather exists in every country, to a certain extent.

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