Vavrek brings relief(s) to Swarthmore

Last Thursday, a crowd of students, professors, and other members of the Swarthmore community gathered in the Lang Performing Arts Center cinema to hear artist Ken Vavrek lecture on his work. The List Gallery also opened an exhibition of selected works from

McCabe exhibit sheds light on early stateswomen

Her Hat Was In the Ring, an exhibit in the atrium of McCabe Library, brings to light the triumphs, struggles and stories of thousands of women who have run for political office from the 1850s to present day. Including early election ballots,

Hip Hop Meets Hindustani: Beneath the Surface

On the Saturday before break, Swarthmore hosted an energizing exercise in musical stylization. The event was sponsored by a youth development program called Blueprints. The organization works with a group of high-school students from Chester, PA to encourage their academic achievements and

WSRN Hip Hop Showcase electrifies Olde Club

Last Friday night, the college radio station, WSRN, hosted a Hip Hop Showcase in Olde Club. The event featured performances from Harsha Sen ’19, Thomas Poley ’18, Thomas Stanton ’18, and Tiyé Pulley ’19. The event also featured Perry Nguyen ’16 and

OASiS holds CUPSI team tryouts

Last Saturday night, 4 members of OASiS competed in a poetry slam for a spot on Swarthmore’s 2016 CUPSI team. The event was hosted by Vision, Artist Director for the Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement and also Swarthmore CUPSI coach and judged by

Professor Mani curates photography exhibit in Philadelphia

Swarthmore students packed into Twelve Gates Arts’ Philadelphia gallery last Friday for a preview of “Ruins and Fabrications,” an exhibition curated by Swarthmore English Literature professor Bakirathi Mani and sponsored by the Lang Center. The preview took place a few hours before

M. NourbeSe Philip reads Zong! on campus

M. NourbeSe Philip held a reading of her book of poetry, Zong!, at the college on Friday, October 30. Through the use of dramatic reading, impassioned verse, and audience participation, Philip brought her work to life for the students of Swarthmore. The

Alex Anderson ’13 gives back to Swarthmore campus

It has only been two years since Alex Anderson ’13 walked through this campus as a Swarthmore student, and yet, his career has already taken off. Anderson graduated from Swarthmore in 2013 a Fulbright scholar with a B.A. in Studio Art and

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