Photography through a dark, powerful lens

As one of many celebrations of Black History Month at Swarthmore, the studio art department and black studies program have in conjunction brought Thomas Allen Harris’s recent film “Through a Lens Darkly” to campus. The work balances historical context while maintaining its

Winter formalities, wagers and roulettes

The writer was assigned to the Winter Formal. There was never any promise of a story. Like many Swarthmore students, Winter Formal began at a ‘pre-game.’ Some students had invaded a radio show on the fourth floor of Parrish. “Hey there!” the

Subtext written on sculpture in “Uncontained”

by Ian Holloway They are discussing a piece of sculpture that resembles a cup.  The cup, part of Kevin Snipes’ List Gallery exhibit “Uncontained,” presents those curious with more challenges than the task of drinking water.  It begs, primarily, a deep consideration

On the top floor of Beardsley, hidden treasures

Maybe it is telling of the college’s Quaker roots that in order to see some student artwork you go into the gray art building, walk up four flights of gray stairs into a gray hallway with no signs or decorations or resources

Night of scenes celebrates structure of stages

If you look deeply enough into the rabbit hole, the stained glass windows, the use-value of Essie Mae’s, the dubious exchange-value of its meal credits, across the picturesque courtyard at the weary door of the Intercultural Center, up at the exaggerated Gothicity

Mixed response to Jeffrey Angles on translation

Last Monday, Jeffrey Angles visited from Western Michigan University to give a lecture titled “Migrant Poetics: Gender and Trauma in Translation”. After a summary discussion of the constraints placed on translators, especially those who translate poetry that treats trauma, he delved into

Time-hopping “Earthquakes in London” to show in LPAC

“Earthquakes in London,” written in 2010 by British playwright Mike Bartlett, is a pro-divestment family drama that stretches from 50 years in the past to 500 years in the future.  The show is set in London, where there may or may not

CUPSI team of eclectic voices readies for VCU

On Saturday, November 8, Swarthmore’s fourth annual CUPSI team was selected at a qualifier held in LPAC. The five teammates are entering this process having had various experiences with each other and the competition at large. Four of the poets have competed

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