Breathe, Stretch, Shake, and Let It Go

There have been multiple times at Swarthmore where I have literally felt like I’m under so much stress that I am legitimately going crazy. I wake up thinking, “Sleep was SUCH a bad idea!” or “SHOOT, I still have to finish these

It Starts With Hello

Hey everyone! Slam, here and I’m bringing you my bi-weekly column “Real Talk With Slam” again. This week I will be talking about something that has irked me for sometime, now. It’s the manners that seem to disappear when people enter Sharples.

‘Cause We Like To Party: Halloween Edition

It’s the week of Halloween, everybody! You know what that means, right? The Halloween party is right around the corner! Let’s pop some bottles in anticipation. Now, when thinking about what I was going to write about this week I said to

Swoop (There It Is!)

Newsflash: It’s almost fall break! Let the cheers be heard from ML to DU to Worth! Now, along with a much-needed relaxation period for most of us, fall break also means the start of swooping. Ah, yes — swooping: Swarthmore’s favorite pastime.

Love In This (Olde) Club

Let’s set the scene. You’re out on a Saturday night and you want to have a great time and meet a new face. Music is blaring, people are laughing, the floor is sticky & gross and—when you put your swoggles on—that cutie