Editors’ Note(s): Farewell

We, the graduating senior editors of the Gazette -- Ramya Gopal, Jack Keefe, and Urooj Khan -- are taking this opportunity in the last issue of the semester to bid our e-farewells to all the folks (both e- and real alike) who’ve

Swarthmore Borough Tops Philly Magazine Ranking

The Borough of Swarthmore was named the #1 “Awesome Neighborhood to Call Home,” by Philadelphia Magazine. The article described “access to Swarthmore College’s 300-acre Arboretum" as a main perk and President Rebecca Chopp as a "resident you ought to know."

Why Was Picnic Bar Renamed?

Remember Picnic Bar at Sharples? You now know Picnic Bar as Patio Bar, which features the same menu. The Gazette inquired about the reason for the change.

Swarthmore Named #1 “Best Value” College

Once again, Swarthmore was given the title of the Best Value College by Princeton Review in the publication's ranking of 650 private and public colleges across the country. The college won the same accolade when the "Top 10 Best Value Private Colleges"

Wilcox and Sams Leaving for NYU Abu Dhabi

Earlier this month, two members of the Dean's Office - Tim Sams and Kelly Wilcox - announced that they would be leaving Swarthmore for positions at NYU Abu Dhabi. They will join former Swarthmore administrators Al Bloom and Jim Larimore, who began

Econ meets Psych: Experimental Economics at Swarthmore

Unlike the psychology experiments that Swat students are regularly invited to participate in, the rewards earned from participating in economics experiments actually depend on the decisions that you make in them. Make certain choices, and you could earn rewards ranging beyond the

New SWAT Team Tackling Student Wellness Issues

The new Swarthmore Wellness Advisory Team is attempting to add something that a survey last year indicated students found lacking at Swat: knowledge about individual health. In the long run, they hope to have members in each dorm as advisers for health

What is the Value of a Swarthmore Education?

Swarthmore is considered one of the most generous private colleges in the nation. But since several students leave the college each year for financial reasons, how successful is Swarthmore with financial aid?

Swat Professors Express Views on Financial Crisis

Several Swarthmore professors from different academic departments comment on the financial crisis. Comments touch upon the foreseeable future impact of the crisis on the US and global economy, and the relevance for Swarthmore students.

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