Greg Hardy and Domestic Violence in the NFL

CONTENT WARNING: Domestic Violence Greg Hardy is a 27-year-old defensive end who has played for the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys during his five-year career. While he is a dominant on-field presence at times, the young star has recently gained notoriety for a

  Jose Mourinho is, to put it one way, a very good football manager. “The Special One” is a serial winner; his teams have won eight domestic titles and two UEFA Champions League trophies (as well as innumerable smaller tourneys). Individually he

eSports complicate definition of sports and games

When most people think of video games, they envision sitting down in front of the TV and playing a quick game of FIFA with their friends or slaying dragons in Skyrim. Although this might have been the case 15 years ago, there

March Madness heats up, can Kentucky be beat?

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, or “March Madness,” is a single-elimination tournament that has become hugely popular in large part due to annual upsets and underdog runs that dominate the early weekends of the bracket. Last year, a seventh seed

Does soccer have a GOAT?

What does it mean to be the Greatest of All Time — the GOAT — of your sport? Every rookie shaking hands with Commissioners Roger Goodell or Adam Silver is standing on that stage convinced that they can transcend every other athlete

Reviewing the first half of the 2014-2015 NBA season

  The 2014-15 NBA season has been a breath of fresh air for most NBA fans. Teams that have dominated the NBA playoffs the past three years were either broken apart in free agency (Miami) or decimated by injuries (OKC, San Antonio

The NBA lottery and its side-effects

The NBA is a superstar-driven league, and one of the fastest ways to procure such a franchise building block can be through the draft. Every star has to be drafted, and being near the top of the lottery increases teams’ chances of