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Notes from the Arts section editors: When we were preparing for this issue, especially in anticipation of our new readership from the class of 2023, we discussed the arts experiences at Swarthmore that moved us deeply, and what we can do to

Golf in the Rough With Tough Hershey Tournament

The men’s golf spring season technically started last month, but golf is a sport meant for sun, not the freezing gusts that have blown through this past March. Sunday and Monday’s matches at the Hershey Cup Invitational were the first real sunshine

Money is Ruining Youth Sports

America is known for its obsession with sports. We have four of the five largest professional sports leagues in the world and by far the largest system of collegiate athletics. Children tend to play more sports as well; very few other countries

The 2018 Anti-Oscars

If you watched the snoozefest that was this year’s Oscars, you might believe that 2018 was a terrible year for movies. The Best Picture winner, Green Book, was a forgettable retread of Driving Ms. Daisy, and most of the other nominees will

How We Talk About the Humanities

The humanities — defined as the “big four” of English, languages, philosophy, and history —  are in decline. Intellectuals and the public have been warning about this shift for decades and have pushed a wide variety of explanations for the decline: ballooning

Men’s Basketball Wins First Four Games in Strong Start

After Swarthmore men’s basketball strong start, senior captain and point guard Cam Wiley is happy with the results but expects more from the team as the season progresses: “Right now we have a strong foundation, but we’re not where we want to

Isle of Dogs- Beauty, Sadness, and Man’s Best Friend

My first thought leaving Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs” was, “Why hasn’t he done this sooner?” Anderson’s uniquely distinctive style — his love for symmetry, defined color palettes, and geometrically arranged shots — seems so obviously suited for animation that it’s a