What’s the deal with financial aid?

This is going to get a bit personal, but bear with me. I receive financial aid from Swarthmore, and a pretty hefty amount. I am exceedingly grateful to this institution for my scholarship, without which Swarthmore would cost more than my family

Donald Trump: An Oracle Into America’s Future

On July 21st, I created the Facebook group “Swatties for Donnie.” The first article shared was an Onion column purportedly penned by the Donald titled “Admit It: You People Want to See How Far This Goes, Don’t You?” I added a hundred

Key to gun control is debate, not debacle

After the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, President Obama appeared before the press to deliver a speech that has almost become routine. However, this time he spoke much more candidly about his anger and frustration, furthering the honesty and forthrightness

Not feeling the Bern: why Sanders would be a disaster

I’m a pretty liberal dude. But I’m not going to vote for Bernie Sanders. Some of it is electoral mathematics. A drawn-out primary fight is a dangerous proposition for the Democrats, and one Senator Sanders is likely to lose. But say I’m

Democrats for Divestment

Swarthmore College Democrats has generally avoided participation in on-campus issues. We believe efforts to improve on-campus life are important, but have chosen to effect change through the democratic process, helping to elect candidates that we believe will advocate for our interests. There

An Obamacare open-Enrollment post-mortem

Newspaper articles were written about the success and/or failure of Obamacare scarcely after the law was passed. The US House of Representatives’ 50 or so attempts to repeal or gut the Affordable Care Act (ACA) occurred before the open enrollment period for

Free Market Fairness

On Monday, I attended Brown Professor John Tomasi’s talk on his book “Free Market Fairness,” where he attempted to offer a theoretical framework for uniting libertarian theories on free markets with theories of social justice. I had anticipated a predictable talk, outlining

Why regulation is good

In my house, there is a book titled “The Good Old Days: They Were Terrible” by Otto L. Bettman. Its cheeky title operates as a critique of American nostalgia, a message which permeates its historical anecdotes and analysis. It portrays America at