Olympics Column: Ice Dancing

Watched on Tuesday 15th Bess: Hey, this is Bess.  Grace: And this is Grace, and we are back with part two of our column.  Bess: So once again, we don’t have time to watch all the events.  Grace: Yeah, they are many


Olympics Column: Skating Team Event

Bess: Hi, this is Bess. Grace: And this is Grace. Bess: And we are watching the Olympics.  Grace: Yes, we are.  Bess: So a little bit about us. We are not NARPs, but we’re also not ARPs.  Grace: We are semi-athletic SARPs.

Top 5 Places to Cry on Campus

We’ve all been there. You tried to do your reading of over 200+ pages in one night, you didn’t comprehend a single word with all of the academic showmanship, you feel like an imposter who doesn’t belong at this school, and you’re