When Good is Good Enough

My dad is infamous in my family for his terrible shopping advice. If you hold up two shirts and ask him to help you decide which one to buy, he’ll say, “Well, if you like them both equally, then it doesn’t matter

The Swarthmore Sandwich Scandal

If you ask someone to define a sandwich, odds are they are going to say something along the lines of “two slices of bread with some sort of filling in between.” Oh, you can debate endlessly over the gray areas — is

The Art of Making a Statement

The semester is ending, but as a senior, it feels like the next stage of my life is sneaking up on me much faster than I would like. I have been knee-deep in graduate school applications lately, churning out personal statements and


Compost Conundrums

Every week, we GAs sort through the compost for two hours apiece. And every week, we witness how extraordinarily … creative the Swarthmore community’s definition of “compostable” is. Granted, it is confusing; sometimes you forget to check whether a plastic cup is

The Coastal Conundrum

Many weighty and controversial issues face us today. I am equipped to settle none of them, and hardly well-informed enough to have rock-solid, nuanced opinions on most of them. Still, there is one stance I will never relinquish and will hold to

The Legend of the Fire Moose

Once upon a time, there was a moose named Loudmouth (to use the closest English translation). As you may have guessed from the fact that meese* tend to confront their problems by head-butting them, meese are neither subtle nor circumspect. As a

It’s the Little Things That Count

I think we can all agree that these past couple weeks have been rough. Midterms combined with a constant stream of depressing news have certainly not filled my life with sunshine and rainbows, and I’m sure the same holds for many of

The Dastardly Delta Conspiracy

While taking a shower a few weeks ago, I glanced up at the shower head and noticed a curious detail: the word “Delta” inscribed on the rim. “Hmm,” I thought. “That’s an odd and unfortunate coincidence, what with the Delta variant going

The View from Bryn Mawr’s Dining Hall

Bryn Mawr dining hall food is objectively better than Sharples food*. I’m sorry, but it’s true. I take a class there every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and as of writing this article, I have eaten exactly six meals at Bryn Mawr; I

A Mouse’s Life

These diary entries have been written from the perspective of a very persistent mouse who keeps visiting my dorm room. I have named him Clovis. September 1, 2020 Lots of commotion today, and big, clumsy humans moving about, bumping furniture and complaining