From “Call Me Maybe” One-Hit Wonder to Gay Icon

Thank you to Emma Miller ’21 for helping me open my third eye and realize the Campus Journal (CJ) and Carly (Rae) Jepsen (CJ) relationship that was always staring me straight in the face. This article is dedicated to her. It started

thank u, NEXT!

In a drunken haze, I heard God. God was a woman indeed. And Her name was Ari. It was Saturday, November 3, 2018, the same day that Pride Month was holding their Reg-GAY-ton party. Reg-GAY-ton, at least for some, was a night

The Swarthmore Twitter-Sphere: Artist Profiles

When thinking of starting a series in which I would delve into the dark depths of the Swarthmore Twitter-Sphere and profile infamous Swarthmore Twitter users, I went back and forth as to whether or not it should happen. As they say, “What

The Sophomore Slu—I Mean Soar

Being back on campus is super duper extremely weird. A good weird mostly, after a summer at home that I most definitely plan on never doing again (sorry mom), but more than a good or bad weird it’s mostly just a weird

Well, That Was a Mess

  Wow. Just like that, my first year at Swarthmore is almost over. The days of claiming innocent naivety, being the baby on the block, and being able to ride the train of not knowing what the heck to major in are

Ugh, It’s Cold

The headline says it all. We’re already three weeks into spring, the season of new beginnings, new life, a cleanse of sorts, a celebration of life, warmth, and happiness … and yet it’s still cold? Not only cold, but snowing?! In April?!?

Revved Up And Ready To Go (Home)

And just like that, the last break before summer has come and gone, leaving us with nothing but the oh-so-glorious remnants of March, April, and May. All throughout high school, this was always my least favorite time of the year. Daylight saving

Does Love Exist At Swarthmore College?

  No!!!!!!!!!   * * * Okay, so it might be a bit more complicated than a “no” and nine exclamation points (maybe ten would’ve done the job?). But two months and some change at Swarthmore and it’s easy to get the