BDS Vote Leaves SJP Frustrated, SGO Divided

Note: due to the targeted harassment towards individuals who have spoken about BDS, we have made certain individuals anonymous at their request. As reported by The Phoenix last week, the Student Government Organization (SGO) voted down a resolution brought to them by

Surprise visit disrupts SGO vote on BDS resolution

Two weeks ago, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) approached the Student Government Organization (SGO), proposing a SGO resolution in support of the Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) campaign. SJP launched the campaign in October 2018, which calls the Swarthmore College to divest

Don’t Pop the Bubble

As an Early Decision applicant, I was determined to come to Swarthmore for many reasons, one of which is the diverse and liberal student body. Because of my previous experience in a right-wing, Republican high school, I view Swat as a sanctuary

Your First Semester Grades Don’t Matter

Editors Note: This article is a part of “Swat Takes,” a curated conversation between two authors about a contentious topic. This article is in conversation with an article written by Jason Kim entitled “Your First Semester Grades Do Matter” Due to my

Nikki Haley Left, But We Should Remember What She Did

Unexpectedly, on October 9, Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, announced that she will be leaving the Trump administration at the end of the year. Denying the suspicion that she will be running against Trump in the 2020 election,


Your Vote Matters

Climate change is not an issue that just occurred recently. Adopted in 1997, the Kyoto Protocol, which urges all nations to reduce release of greenhouse gas, demonstrates climate change as a serious global issue that needs an immediate solution. 20 years later,

Swarthmore: The Happiest Place on Earth

From the windows of the airplane that departed from the city I call home, I felt both dreadful and thrilled as I watched trees, cars, and skyscrapers disappear into the distance, replaced by fluffy, white clouds. It was not the first time