Politics of Punishment

“Prison can be a wise man’s university or a fool’s playground.” This phrase, the mantra of a “lifer” at Graterford Prison Michael Lions, framed the closing ceremony of Associate Professor of Political Science Keith Reeves’ course The Politics of Punishment. Featuring the


A Portrait of the Sharples Re-designers

For Professor Min Kyung Lee of the Art History Department, architecture is not “strictly a technical practice,” but is rather about “being able to produce and come up with an idea … [to] find an aesthetic and functional and socially and environmentally

“Science for Poets”

Every semester, hordes of Swarthmore students occupy the corridors and classrooms of the Science Center to attend some of the most highly enrolled courses at Swarthmore — introductory science courses in biology, computer science, physics, astronomy and math. These students are diverse:

Spoken Word Poets Sucker Punch Swatties

Fatimah Asghar takes center stage to deliver the opening poem, “Pluto Shits on the Universe,” of the collaborative spoken word performance she and Franny Choi would present in honor of Women’s Week and API Heritage Month last Saturday. “Oops my bad,” it

Macbeth in Yellow Stockings

“Macbeth,” the most recent Yellow Stockings Player production, is an interesting twist on Shakespeare’s canonical play. As Director Patrick Ross ’15 explained and chuckled, “we are going to do it in medieval Scotland, but we are going to do it with witches

Barbie Comes to Swarthmore

“I’m a Barbie girl, in a barbie world. Life is plastic”…is not so fantastic. Or at least this is what Jane Comfort suggests in her work Beauty (2012), a dance/theatre work that “explores the American notion of female beauty through the lens

Freedom Now: Black History Month Comes to Campus

February marks the beginning of Black History Month, a month dedicated to the act of remembering and acknowledging. In other words, it is meant to celebrate black life and cultural contributions to all that is America. Much like other heritage months, black

Lost in Translation

According to the most recent statistics compiled by the Off Campus Study Office, Swarthmore students are not shy to dive into a completely new culture; of the graduating class of 2012, 40% studied abroad. In the 2011-2012 academic year, 150 students, mainly

Center City Restaurant Week

This week and the next food-deprived college students and budgeting recent grads will bustle into some of Philadelphia’s highest-rated restaurants for 3-course lunch or dinner meals priced at $20 or $35 respectively, a deal meant to satisfy their watering/expectant mouths/pallet and modest