Four new dancers to join Rhythm ‘n’ Motion company

Four new Swarthmore dancers now join the Tri-College dance company Rhythm n Motion, rooted in raising awareness of the dances of the African Diaspora and other underrepresented genres. Jameson Lisak ’15, John Lim ’16, Gillian Geffen ’16, and Isabel Clay ’17 bring

Hari Kondabulo’s Race-Conscious Comedy

When comedy writer and stand-up comedian Hari Kondabolu took the stage at the LPAC Cinema on Saturday, November 16, he opened with a joke about the relatively recent Intercultural Center controversy. He said that his act was filled with a lot of

In Search of Fitness: Finding Fulfillment Beyond the Field

Varsity athletes are not the only Swarthmore students actively involved in exercise on campus. Many students are finding that physical fitness can be achieved outside of an organized sport. Trending workout routines are often short sessions of high-intensity workouts, a popular combination

Just Doing Our Jobs

While Swarthmore students are notorious for being over-involved, somehow, students manage to find time between classes, clubs, and board meetings to add another activity to the list: a job. The real-life activity of participating in the workforce has permeated the Swat Bubble,

Sam Gray ’17: Boat-schooled

No one would strike up a conversation with freshman Sam Gray and call her out for being different. Like most Swatties, she speaks animatedly in long-winded stories about her life and her passions and is excited about her classes. However, there is