Athlete of the Week: Kalli Segel ’20

Kalli Segel ’20 is from Newton, P.A. where she attended Council Rock High School. Segel has previously been a dual-sport athlete, competing on the women’s swim team and the women’s softball team. On Feb. 23, Swarthmore College’s Softball team swept Wesley 10-8 and 9-8 in their season opener. Segel led the team in game one with three hits on four at bats leading to two runs batted in and one run for the team. The Garnet currently sits at 2-0 on the season with upcoming games on March 3 against Penn State Brandywine. 

Neel Gupta: What is your major and why? 

Kalli Segel: Biology and Sociology/Anthropology, because I think the classes are really interesting, and I like that the broad range of the subjects means I am able to explore my own interests within the departments. 

NG: Why did you choose Swarthmore?

KS: I really liked the campus, the small classes, and how welcoming the softball team and all of the students were when I visited. 

NG: How is the softball season looking this year?

KS: I think the softball team is looking really great this year. Our run in the conference playoffs last year made the team even more excited to get back there again, and everyone is really focused and working hard on achieving that goal. 

NG: As a senior, how has softball impacted your time here?

KS: Softball has definitely been the most constant thing during my time at Swat. I have spent a lot of my time here working with my amazing teammates, on the field and in the classroom, over the past four years to accomplish our goals as a team. The fact that we have improved in each of my last three years really validates the hard work the team has put in. Additionally, having a team to look out for me as I navigated my time at Swat is something that I am incredibly grateful for and could not do without. I have really loved being a member of this team, and it is definitely something I will miss most about Swarthmore when I graduate. 

NG: How do you like to spend your free time?

KS: I really like to watch Yankees games when they are in season and go on Wawa runs whenever possible. 

NG: How have you managed the challenges of being a dual sport athlete in the past?

KS: Playing two sports at Swat for three years taught me the value of keeping a very organized planner, communicating with both coaches to know which sport to focus on at different times in the year, and that it is really vital to love to play both sports, as there is no off-season from September to May. 

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