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Avery McClure ’26, a freshman from Bolivar, MO, was an integral part of Swarthmore softball’s success against Neumann University on Sunday, March 26. The second baseman had two runs batted in (RBI) and four put-outs (PO) in the first of two games against the Knights. The freshman then scored two runs in the second game and had two more POs. McClure has had a stellar season thus far with a current batting average of .433 and seven RBIs overall. On the field, her FLD% is an impressive .917, indicating the number of attempts that resulted in an out compared to the number of total attempts.

Abby Chang: How did you feel about the two wins against Neumann this weekend? What did you think of the team and your personal performance?

Avery McClure: It’s always awesome to get a couple wins! We were especially glad to get out on the field after so much rain. The Neumann wins were a great team effort. I wasn’t thrilled with my individual performance at the plate, but my team was able to pick me up and perform in big ways!

AC: What have been some of the highlights of the season?

AM: I can’t really think of any specific moments on the field, but a highlight for me would be how much fun we have. We just have a really fun and cohesive group. 

AC: Do you have any pre-game or post-game rituals?

AM: I’m not generally very superstitious! I play wearing a knee brace and have a specific way I put it on, but that’s pretty much it. 

AC: What is your favorite thing to do with the team outside of practice?

AM: Just eating dinner with my teammates is so much fun. I never laugh harder, and it’s always the best part of my day. 

AC: Why did you choose Swarthmore? What is your area of study?

AM: I chose Swarthmore because I wanted a high academic school that was an adventure away from home. I was also drawn in by the small class sizes and the beautiful campus. I plan to double major in Sociology and Film and Media Studies.

AC: What is your favorite class that you’ve taken at Swarthmore?

AM: My favorite class so far is one I’m in this semester — SOCI035E: Immigration, Race, and the Law with Professor Salvador Rangel. The content of the class is super interesting to me, and Professor Rangel is great! 

AC: Favorite Dining Center bar?

AM: Greek bar!

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