Editorial: The Secrets of Swarthmore

A comprehensive listicle of what we wish we knew our first year: The Secrets of Swarthmore

  1. Underhill is by far the most slept-on study-space at Swarthmore College. Period.
  2. Sometimes the chicken tenders at Essie’s change to the sub-par variety. Beware!
  3. On Mondays, you can make a bomb ice cream sandwich with Hope’s Cookies.
  4. Underhill has a basement for studying! Who knew?
  5. Gmail lets you filter your emails by read and unread. Filter your emails. Read your emails. It’s a life changer.
  6. Friend groups change — don’t sweat it!
  7. Be very choosy about who you live with sophomore every year. Think very carefully about the social spaces that you create with your living arrangements and who dominates them.
  8. Order apple cider and London fog from Kohlberg — you get the bigger cups for the same price.
  9. Mental health is a valid reason to ask for an extension. Your professors will accommodate you. Take care of yourself.
  10. Sometimes small parties with friends are nicer than large ones.
  11. A lot of things are possible on campus – don’t be afraid to ask.
  12. The saute pan and wok are kept under the sink on the side of Sharples. You can use them even if they’re not taken out.
  13. The College will pay for you to go to one conference a year.
  14. You can rent almost anything you want from Beardsley
    1. The amazing people there will also fix your computer for cheap!
  15. Don’t be afraid of office hours
  16. Go to pARTy. Seriously. Go.
  17. You can’t take three writing credits in the same division
  18. You can use AP credits to count for distribution requirements
  19. You can take Izzy the Therapy Dog on walks
  20. Read The Phoenix.

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