INFOGRAPHIC: 2014 to 2017 hospitalization data sheds light on drinking games ban

In light of Public Safety’s recent crackdown on drinking games as reported in the March 22 issue, The Phoenix thought it appropriate to report the numbers of hospitalizations due to alcohol over the past four years since both the hard alcohol and drinking game bans were first introduced. The drinking game ban, which was instituted in 2014 for what Dean Liz Braun said were safety concerns, has been sporadically enforced by Public Safety prior to this semester according to several students. Director of Public Safety Michael Hill, who reported these numbers, said the number of incidents could vary for a variety of reasons and commended the community for calling Public Safety when help is required.
Students under the age of 21 make up the largest proportion of hospitalizations, with 2015 reaching a high of 32. Hospitalizations of students over the legal drinking age have steadily declined. The number of drug-related incidents has remained at one each year, except during 2015, where the number was not reported. Public Safety also did not reveal any more detailed number breakdowns.

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