SBC Meeting Minutes (March 4th, 2018) – SGO and Worthstock

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Student Budgeting Committee

Meeting Date – March 4th, 2018

Present: Roman Shemakov, Yin Xiao, Ibrahim Tamale, Evelien van Gelderen, Alice Dong, Abuhena Hares, Henrik Liu, Siddharth Ramachandran, Susan Whaley, Thomas Ferguson, Gus Burchell, Kanhav Thakur, Aditya Jayakrishnan

Note to Students
: SBC would like to urge more student groups to apply for supplemental funding. For more information please visit  or email

About SBC

SBC is a committee of 8 appointed representative students, headed by the SBC Chair and joined by SGO Chair of Student Organizations. They are tasked with allocating the Student Activities Fee to student groups. The committee meets once a week on Sundays in Sharples room 4. SBC also heads a separate office that consists of a Manager and three Assistant Managers who facilitate reimbursements and service payments in an office on Parrish 4th.

Supplemental Proposals


Swarthmore Smash:

Requesting: $1259.56

  • Large tournament in Toronto next weekend (March 9th to 11th). Main cost is transportation there, flights for 4 people. Registration for tournament and lodging because it’s a multiple-day tournament
  • 7201-  Transportation: $906.28
  • 7204 – Registrations: $244.76
  • 7202 – Lodging: $108.52
  • Passes unanimously for full funding


Cinema Club

Requesting: $400

  • $200 are for the next film (actor stipends and then divided up by how many actors) and $200 for the following film (same paid actors – previously $250 but one is no longer coming from NYC so only $200)
  • 7011-  Supplies: $400
  • Passes unanimously for full funding


Club Soccer

Requesting: $1,000

  • In order to register for the league next year for the 15-20 minute game they play in the fall. Registration ends on March 23rd – same requested sum as previously
  • 7204 –  Registration: $1,000
  • Passes unanimously for full funding


Men’s Ultimate Frisbee:

Requesting: $4,000

    • Pretty regular schedule of tournaments, but the places change. This Spring, two tournaments that are too far away (VA and OH – tournament in OH is regionals) so can’t just drive there and back so need supplemental funding for lodging and transportation (since the trip is longer). Unsure of room count, but shooting for 4 people per room and usually 15-20 people per tournament
    • $180 per room comes from looking at hotels near Richmond and Columbus – leeway in order so that if they need more people or for tax, etc. For 2 nights.
    • Asked to get a more specific quote for lodging.
    • 7201-  Transportation: $400
    • 7202 – Lodging: $3600: delayed
  • Passes unanimously for $400 under 7201
  • Pushed the lodging costs back – waiting on more accurate number and potential quotes



Requesting: $1,458.55

  • Registrations is primarily for instructor payment (Zach, gets paid $25 per hour for Matchbox, matching that cost – twice a week for 14 weeks). Also instructor guests from Miami (the birth of Zumba). Hoping they coming April 14th, depending on when funding approved. 1.5 hour sessions, looking to pay them $300 dollars for their time. To be certified to be an instructor, you have to register to be certified – Zach is going to be a senior so hoping to get two underclassmen to learn and get certified to take over (costs $225 per person). Already have $300 from previous times, so only asking for $150.
  • Media center for printing posters for the event
  • Instructor payments: Guest Instructors can be taken care of by Form for Free Speech
  • Business office dictates that you should pay students by the hourly rate, so it would be $285.32 rather than $700.
  • 7204 – Registrations: $1,450: cut $600 for guest instructors, regular instructors cut down to $285.32, and Certification fee $150
  • 7014 – Printing: $8.55: Media center
  • Passes unanimously for $435.32 under 7204



Requesting: $780

  • Spring break trip to Toronto. Practicing and playing with the University of Toronto’s women’s team. Has done this previously. Is good to practice, especially for the women who are not typically exposed to playing with other women teams. Will be staying in Airbnbs, 10 people, 3 nights at a total of $700. Still have $150 left so requesting $550.
  • There are parking fees at the university, gas in Toronto is more expensive so the total gas is greater, so asking for $230.
  • 7201-  Transportation: $230
  • 7202 – Lodging: $550
  • Passes unanimously for full funding



Requesting: $95

  • Having a Chai giveaway this week, just need it to buy things for raw materials and cups
  • 7310 – Food/Catering: $70
  • 7011 – Supplies: $25
  • Passes unanimously for full funding



Requesting: $65,000

  • Worthstock Committee asked SGO, SGO proposing on their behalf. LSE & Worthstock. Usually the money comes from the president’s office, no one knows how the money is allocated and the amount has not changed in years.
  • Audio is already basically on par with what artists are requesting – money will be going to pure artist fees. Agencies asking for 10% flat.
  • Will try to ask the President’s office for more money and also see why the fund hasn’t changed that much. Problem is that this year it’s a little late to go there.
  • Main issue is that it’s too late to make substantial changes in SBC’s allocation.
  • 7206 – Services: $65,000
  • Passes unanimously for $10,000 for 7206

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