Election Night at Swarthmore: A Visual Timeline

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Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

Swatties watched Trump’s unexpected victory on dozens of screens across campus. This interactive timeline covers some of those screens, and the people that watched them:

To go through the timeline, scroll down the column on the left.

Navid Kiassat, Julia Barbano, Eduard Saakashvili, Kyungchan Min, Jinjie Dong, Kyle McKenney, Chloe Klaus, and Sagnik Gayen contributed reporting.

The Daily Gazette

The Daily Gazette is Swarthmore’s daily newspaper. The Gazette is sent out every work-day to more than 2,500 people, and has thousands of readers from across the world.

The Daily Gazette was organized during Fall semester 1996 by Sam Schulhofer-Wohl ’98. The goal: to provide timely coverage of campus news and Garnet sports while maintaining complete independence from the administration and student government.


  1. Nice photos. I don’t really have anything else to add, I’m still in shock myself.

    To those of you who are at risk (women, LGBT, non-Caucasians, non-Christians, politically active liberals), DO NOT SKIP CLASS. You need good grades to transfer into a school abroad. DO NOT let your grades slip, those plus any funds your family might have are a lifeline. If you can pass as a straight white male, or can act like one convincingly, it may be a good idea to do so until you can go to ground or get out of the country. Trump’s win has just legitimized everything from online neo-Nazis to the KKK. Please stay safe.

    • This might be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Everyone is being completely irrational and dramatic day to day life won’t change significantly just because a candidate you don’t like was elected president

      • The huge spike in hate crimes in post-Brexit UK isn’t an indication of day-to-day life changing as a result of a single election/referendum? News to me.

        • This message is literally worded like we are now in the apocalypse or at the very least complete anarchy where laws and police no longer exist. Just calm down seriously nothing will significantly change

      • Really? When was the last time a xenophobic race-baiting fearmonger who made vague promises that everything would be better if he were in charge and promised to imprison his opponents won an election in a major world power?

        1932 in the Wiemar Republic.

        Now, our democracy is a lot more stable than interwar Germany, which changed governments entirely about twice every three years and was hobbled by crippling war debts, but Trump is the epitome of a fascist opportunist. He whips up a climate of fear, blames an ethnic scapegoat, and promises to throw out that scapegoat while making vague promises of fixing everything. That’s fascism in a nutshell.

        More importantly, his followers include the KKK, alt-right nuts, and legit Neo-Nazis. We are in serious danger now.

  2. Overwrought much? Full disclosure: I am a non-Swarthmore student, conservative Republican who voted for neither Trump nor Clinton. I dialed up the Gazette today just to experience the schadenfreude of seeing Swarthmore students gnashing their teeth, and boy, has my schaden been freuded. I particularly enjoyed the video comments. If the Gazette staff will accept the offer, I pledge ten Teddy Bears to the student body to help assuage students’ anxieties in this time of stress to their personal well-being presented by the election of someone they don’t like, and the existential threat he represents to the survival of the republic.

  3. That’s “Weimar,” Ian. Spelling counts. “The epitome of a fascist opportunist.” Why not just “fascist?” What does “opportunist” add to your rant? I don’t think your “fascism in a nutshell” description works and making that very bad thing (i.e., “fascism”) subsidiary in importance to your final paragraph is kind of weird.

    (Query: Met many KKK/alt-right nuts/legit Neo-Nazis — as opposed to illegitimate Neo-Nazis? — lately? Didn’t think so.)

    I think you need to edit more, but primarily you need to think more. And chill. And stop name-calling and accusing people of being Nazis all the time. It’s absurd.

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