IC Will Expand Into Sproul Observatory By Fall 2018 [Video]

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In an announcement this afternoon, September 26, Valerie Smith unveiled the “sweet news” she hinted at in an email last night. Alumni Michael Nguyen ’08 and James Hormel ’55 have donated 4.3 million dollars to the reimagining and renovation of Sproul to create the James Hormel Michael Nguyen Intercultural Center.

Here is a video of the announcement:

In addition to housing the Intercultural Center, The Interfaith Office, and The Office for International Programs, “there will also be dynamic shared areas designed to promote creative collaboration,” said Smith.

While Hormel and Nguyen were not able to attend the announcement, Nguyen left a statement that was read by Karl Clauss, Swarthmore’s Vice President of Advancement.

“It is an immense honor, privilege and priority of royal importance to give towards reaffirming and ensuring Swarthmore’s bright future,” Nguyen wrote.

Co-Presidents of I20, Lisa Kato ‘19 and Justin Mintah ’19, expressed their thanks in a written statement.“We are grateful that the school is taking measures to better represent the international student population that has been increasing over the years,” they wrote.

Construction of the James Hormel Michael Nguyen Intercultural Center will begin at the end of the academic year and will continue until Fall of 2018.


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