SBC Report: September 20

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Editor’s Note: The Student Budget Committee (SBC) meets every Sunday at 5 PM in Sharples to discuss requests for student group funding. Each week the Daily Gazette publishes a summary of these meetings. For more information, contact a member of SBC. 

Hong Kong Student Association

The Hong Kong Student Association requested a total of $432.00 for all-campus events, group events, and transportation.

The all-campus events will consist of two study breaks featuring traditional snacks; these are scheduled for October 22 and exam week. The Association also hosts an annual dim sum tasting event that will take place in Spring 2016.

The Association also requested funding for group events, which will include dinners for what the group calls Big Sibs and Little Sibs.

The representative for the Association also requested funding for transportation to Chinatown in order to purchase materials not available at the Co-op. Discussion ensued among committee members as to whether the trips should be made via SEPTA or van. Full funding was proposed and passed unanimously.

Student Government Organization (SGO)

The Student Government Organization requested a total of $15,400 for all-campus events ($13,400.00) and special projects ($2000.00). The all-campus events will consist of nine study breaks (three more than were hosted last year). There were questions regarding the transportation/SEPTA program, for which the committee approved $12,480.00 in funding last spring. The committee voted to transfer that amount into funding for all-campus events. Funding for the difference in the SGO’s proposed budget ($920.00) passed unanimously. Full funding ($2000) for special projects (i.e. Student Groups Immediate Funding Budget) was proposed and passed unanimously.

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